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February 2021

3 FEBRUARY 2021 VT DIGGER            Commentary: Climate Refugees and Regional Stability, p. 27

29 JANUARY 2021 VT DIGGER            Commentary: Population Growth is Driving Serious Problems

October 2020

4 OCTOBER 2020 VT DIGGER              Commentary: Thank Goodness Act 250 Wasn't Weakened

May 2020

13 MAY 2020 VT DIGGER                     Commentary: COVID-19 Intensity Tied to Population Density

7 MAY 2020 TIMES ARGUS                  Commentary: Creating a Resilient Vermont: An End to a Growth-Based Economy

7 MAY 2020  TIMES ARGUS                 Commentary: COVID-19 and Population

April 2020

8 APRIL 2020  VT DIGGER                  Commentary: Adjusting to a Collapsing Civilization          

March 2020

4 MARCH 2020  VT DIGGER                Commentary: Rebuilding Community Spirit         

February 2020

20 FEBRUARY 2020  VT DIGGER        Press Release: BnbVT Posts Talk by UVM Professor 

January 2020

15 JANUARY 2020  VT DIGGER          Press Release: BnbVT Collaborates with UVM Student to Foster Steady State Economies in VT


What is an Optimum/Sustainable Population in Vermont?

19 FEBRUARY 2021 VT DIGGER          Commentary: TIFs are government subsidies for developers

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