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Better(not bigger)Vermont is a nonprofit organization that works to promote steady state economies in Vermont. Our organization educates both the public and government officials on this ecologically sound, socially just, and inclusive system through community outreach and media communications. We want Vermonters to recognize the need to balance our human population and consumption with our region's limited bounty.



We are a group of Vermont residents who believe that our beautiful state has the capability to be a model state for the rest of the nation. We work our hardest to advocate for a socially just and ecologically sound economy, and we hope that you will join us in the fight for a sustainable future!

Learn more about us on our Board Members page.


Better(not bigger)Vermont, originally Vermonters for a Sustainable Population, began in 2005 when a group of Vermont residents came together over the concern for our environment due to the increasing population and aggregate consumption. In 2009 we became the first environmental organization in Vermont to support the concept of a steady state economy. In 2014 we produced the unique report, “What is an Optimum, Sustainable Population for Vermont?” based on 16 indicators that estimate what Vermont's population should be in order to be sustainable. In 2018 we officially changed our name to Better(not bigger)Vermont to emphasize the good quality of life that is possible in a right-sized economy.

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